2018 Car Models to Include 12 Cup Holders in a Bid to Accommodate Half-Empty Bottle Epidemic

October 3, 2017

In a controversial move, major car manufacturers are reinventing the wheel with a new standard for interior car design – a 12 cup holder system.

“Backseats should be for sitting!” exclaimed Industry Spokesperson Sally Tubishi.

“Instead they’ve become a breeding ground for half-drunk water bottles.”

A recent study by the NSW Government confirms the epidemic, with the average car holding between 10-14 bottles at any given time, and the backseat inevitably carrying the bulk due to it’s surface area and ease of reach.

“Some people have criticised the change as a promotion of laziness … but the way we see it – it’s about time we designed a car for the 21st Century person,” Miss Tubishi argues.

“In the hustle and bustle of modern life, between travelling for work, socialising, family and sport – these bottles add up. But a lack of holders leaves them scattered in the car, floating in drinking purgatory. It’s a huge waste of water, and it’s a bad look for the car. Who wants to sit in an environment like that!”

The new design features 6 holders in the front and back, and has been received positively by consumers.

“This is such a great initiative,” local Sydneysider Brett Jones commented. “I’m saving so much water! My car looks cleaner too!”

For those with older models, Miss Tubishi says there are other options.

“If you’re waiting to upgrade to a 2018 model, there are other ways to save water, keep those back-seat bottles in line and keep your car clean. WipeHero is a good start – they’re a government backed waterless car washing service that’ll come to your car. Best of all, right now they’re offering $15 off a gold or platinum wash with the code 12CUP.”

So there you have it. Keep your eyes peeled for the new model and in the meantime, you can check out WipeHero at www.wipehero.com.au

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