The Top 6 Questions Customers Ask About Waterless Car Washing

September 26, 2017

It’s one of the most frequent questions we get asked;

How can you wash cars without water or power!? 

It’s also one of our favourites to answer! And from there, a series of other predictable questions usually follow, addressing what the solution is made of, whether its safe for people/washers and of course – whether it’s as effective as regular car washing.

So, ladies and gentleman, here I am to answer your most-asked questions and introduce you to the amazing technology we hold dearly to our hearts at WipeHero.

To introduce you to our patented, one of a kind solution that eliminates dirt and has been embraced by local businesses and consumers alike as a safe and environmentally friendly way to wash cars.

  1. What’s your solution?

It’s a waterless, scratch-free polymer technology that eliminates grime and dirt and leaves a shine.

  1. How does it actually work?

Once you spray it onto any surface, it emulsifies the dirt and the grime. This means it basically forms a bubble around all the dirt and detaches it from the car’s surface.  That’s when we pick it up using a special technique with a micro fibre cloth. It also leaves a shine on the car’s surface.

  1. Are these chemicals bad for the car?

Nope.  Because of its detachment technique, there’s no chance of the car getting scratched.

  1. How did the solution come about?

WipeHero was founded by chemical engineers. They spent over two years in the research and development phase to create the company’s innovative cleaning technology.

  1. How does your product differ to other waterless cleaning products I’ve seen?

It’s true that if you search waterless products, there are thousands on the market. We differentiate ourselves because our product is biodegradable – it’s actually safe for our washers to use it (they could even drink it!). Moreover, we’ve taken our product and turned it into a mobile car washing service that allows us to clean cars anywhere, anytime without power or water. From a solution we’ve created “uber for car-cleaning” – a service that’s great for cars, the environment and also the person applying it.

  1. Why should I go with waterless washing?

In Australia alone we waste twice the amount of water that’s in the Sydney Harbour washing cars, every year! The 300L of water consumers waste per wash equates to billions wasted overall. The problems don’t end there though. Its environmental impacts are far reaching, as harmful chemicals make their way into our storm drains and damage ground water and our lawns.

Bad car washing technique can destroy our environment. We can preserve what we have for future generations by adopting a waterless washing lifestyle.

Plus, our mobile car washing service is the simple, easy solution to getting your car washed. You don’t have to go to a car wash anymore, you can sit at home, the beach, the shops and someone will come to you and clean it on the spot.

It’s convenience and conservation!

Take care and have great week!

Ps. Look out for our special long weekend over the next couple of days.

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