Sydney PHD Students Save 10 Million Litres of Water in a few Months by Changing the way we do a Simple Chore

September 12, 2017

We’ve seen a remarkable shift in modern society’s conservation values. It’s truly amazing to see a country united; treasuring its natural resources, celebrating sustainability and declaring a war on waste.

And yet, one simple, unavoidable chore continues to rear its wasteful head into our lives – car washing.

Yep, the humble car wash.

It might shock you to learn that in Australia alone we waste twice the amount of water that’s in the Sydney Harbour washing cars, every year.

The problems don’t end there though. Its environmental impacts are far reaching, as harmful chemicals make their way into our storm drains and damage ground water and our lawns.

This was a problem that PHD students Reza Keshavarzi and Farid Mirmrohseni wouldn’t stand for.

Reza says, “when we saw the amount of water being wasted on washing cars, we saw something that needed to be fixed.”

With backgrounds in engineering, the friends set about developing their very own waterless, scratch-free polymer technology that eliminates dirt and leaves a shine.

In doing so, they created the ultimate way to wash a car – no water, no power. It’s as easy as a spray and a wipe.


But it didn’t end there. They didn’t stop with just their product.

Farid says “we started off with a product and we turned it into an online tech platform … instead of you wasting your time and our precious water resources, with a press of a button we’ll send someone to your house, work office or wherever you are.”

That’s right, they created an “uber for car-cleaning.”

“you don’t have to go to a car wash anymore, you can sit at home, the beach, the shops and someone will come to you and wash it on the spot.”

The boys summarise themselves simply – “we’re conservation and convenience.”

WipeHero’s convenience and environmental friendliness has been embraced by the Sydney community. A brief glance of their clients is all you need to understand the quality of their service and the overwhelming support of their vision: Maserati, Hertz, Goget, Stratton – just to name a few.


Their service has even garnered the support of the NSW Government, who recognised the economic and environmental benefits of the service and awarded the team a grant to skyrocket them ahead.

However, the most exciting aspect is their service to everyday consumers.

As Reza explains, “little chores like this shouldn’t be taking away time that you can spend with your friends and family.”

“But above all, we live in an amazing country with amazing marine life, and bad car washing practice can literally destroy it. We want to preserve what we have for future generations by transforming the way everyday Australians get their car washed.”

So there you have it, if you share in their vision (and want a cheap, easy car wash) be sure to check out their site:

Right now they’re offering $15 off their gold and platinum packages with the discount code: SAVEWATER.

Take care!

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