The “Uber of Car Cleaning” is Going Viral in Sydney

July 14, 2017

How do you feel about washing your car?

For many people, it’s is an enjoyable experience. For some it’s even a hobby.

For most of us it’s far from fun. In the midst of work, family and life in general, washing the car becomes a chore. A time killer. Something we force ourselves to do because taking it to a wash is either too expensive or just too inconvenient.

So what if I told you that clicking a button could send someone to your home or workplace at anytime to wash your car? What if I told you they wouldn’t use a drop of water? And what if I told you it wouldn’t break the bank?

It’d sound too good to be true right?

The truth is my modern Sydneysiders, you deserve this vision. You deserve a more regulated, convenient and green solution to car-washing.

And this is where WipeHero comes in. The waterless carwash that comes to you; the hero Sydney deserves, and the one it needs.

Wipehero is the brainchild of PHD students Reza Kesharvarzi and Farid Mirmohseni, who self-funded the business and have recently won a $100,000 grant from the NSW Government.

The brains: Reza (left) and Farid (right), who used their PHD research to co-found WipeHero.

“We’ve developed waterless, scratch-free polymer technology which allows us to wash cars anywhere, anytime,” Reza says.

We started off with a product and we turned it into an online tech platform … instead of you wasting your time and our precious water resources, with a press of a button we’ll send someone to your house, work office or wherever you are and get it washed on the spot.”

WipeHero’s convenience, affordability and environmental friendliness has been celebrated by the Sydney community; individuals and businesses alike.

Mobile, waterless car-cleaning. Sydneysiders are loving the convenient, green service.

In a few short months they’ve washed 11,000 cars, ranging from those of everyday people, to those of big name businesses; Maserati, Ferrari, Goget and Hertz to name a few.

It’s true, you can get your car washed with the same service that Maserati uses, for only $29 a wash.

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne already, Reza and Farid confirm that they are skyrocketing ahead to their goal of “saving the environment by protecting our natural resources and creating a sustainable business.”

So there you go, enjoy a shiny car, spend your free time doing what really matters and join Wipehero on their journey to environmental sustainability.

Even better, right now you can get $10 off your first wash by using the code 1STWIPE.

Happy driving :)!

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