How WipeHero Controls the Chaos of Cleaning Your Fleet

October 24, 2017

Save time, money and water with the next generation carwash for fleets

WipeHero is the next generation carwash for fleets that is leading the change for a better and healthier car care industry

We’ve built our service to tackle a number of challenges faced by fleet managers:

Minimising Vehicle Downtime

Lengthy car wash processes are an unnecessary expenditure of time, fuel and human resources.

Adhering to Strict Budgets

Fleet managers are often constrained to very strict budgets and managing the cost of operations and minimising inefficiency are top concerns.

Complying with Government Mandates

Enforcement of environmental and water regulations is increasing across all business sectors.

Completing Inspection & Maintenance

Ensuring that commercial fleet vehicles are properly inspected and maintained across large service regions is a tough fear and can be a major challenge for managers.


About us

With a veteran team of engineers and scientists, WipeHero has developed an innovative polymer technology that is scratch free and allows a team of vetted washes to clean cars, busses, trains and aircrafts without a drop of water, anywhere and anytime.

Our washers undergo specialised training and are equipped with high quality proprietary products that clean the exterior and interior of the car, ensuring a convenient and seamless experience.


Our solution

On-Demand & Mobile

Save time and money by having our professional washers come to your location. Our focus is on providing the cost-saving, fuel-efficient model to fulfil your fleet’s requirement.

Waterless Technology

Our waterless technology allows us to wash your vehicle in any environment, without mess.

Online Dashboard

View and analyse details about your fleet vehicles from WipeHero’s online dashboard.

We work with high quality clients of all fleet sizes, from five or six to hundreds. Some of them and their testimonials are featured below:

Join the efficiency and conservation revolution at WipeHero.

Give us a call on 1300 791 421 or send an email to to find out more about how we can service your fleet.

Best wishes!

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